Adirondacks, That was rough!

Well, in 2002 we decided to visit the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. I had a former manager tell me how beautiful it was there, he used to be live in the area. Well, it is absolutely beautiful. However, they have some of the roughest trails in the country. Now it’s tough hiking the rugged terrain with a two year old. I was carrying my equipment so my husband ended up carrying our daughter. She didn’t want to hike. Thus, it made it rough to make pictures. The best time to make pictures is early in the morning, usually at sunrise and about an hour to two and a half hours after sunrise and and hour to an hour before sunset. I wasn’t going to be able to that. I was becoming more and more frustrated until I finally gave up. Oh, I’ve also got to warn you if you ever visit the Adirondacks, don’t go in June. We did and it was a big mistake. June is the height of the black fly season. Black flies make mosquitos look tame. I was making my photographs when my daughter came up to me and I noticed blood coming out of her ear. I thought she had an ear infection until I looked closer and notice the blood was coming out from behind her ear. She was bit on the back of her neck and blood seemed to be everywhere. It was horrible.

This was the least productive adventure we’d been on. However I did get some really excellent photographs. This photograph you see was made in the middle of the day (when you’re not supposed to take photographs. It was a place called Paul Smiths Visitor Center. There was a nice boardwalk that meandered through the are. And it was easy for my daughter to walk on.

Finally a decent photograph

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