Get this Picture Anywhere

Back in January of this year I received a phone call from a local lawyer. I was going to write is name but since he’s a lawyer he might try to sue me. Anyway he had just purchased a building and wanted to decorate it with photographs and I was thrilled. However, I had some reservations because in the past I had a few dealings with this person and let’s just say it wasn’t great. Anyway I printed some photographs off and got all my work ready to go. He wanted to see me in the afternoon. That’s when I get off my full-time job, so I had to go into work a little early so I could leave early (this bothered me right off the bat because I had specifically what time I got off work and it was the same time he wanted to meet me). I get there to office however he didn’t tell me where to enter so I ended going in the wrong door. I waited until he finished with his client then he met with me. First he told me how much he liked my work, then he asked me if I had any photographs featuring recognizable landmarks of Ashland, Ohio. He knew what kind of photographs I made. I don’t do architectural photographs or usually anything made by human hands (although I do like old barns or buildings because I find them interesting). I showed him some of my work then he proceeded to tell me that he could get any of those pictures anywhere. I was numb. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I couldn’t say anything. He asked me if I could bring in a stretched canvas picture so he could take a look at it. He also suggested some places he’d like photographed. I walked out of there and never went back. He called me and left me a couple of messages (while I was at work when he already knew my specific hours!) I never returned his call. I don’t even think he realizes he offended me! I should have told him that while yes you can get images that look similar they aren’t exactly the same. I mean, no photograph is the same. The photographer records a moment in time that will never happen again. Each photographer has a different eye and perspective on their subject. I’m still a little angry about it. Well, I should chalk it up as an experience and that you can’t trust lawyers. Period! Thanks for letting me vent!!

Published by crookedcreekphotosllc

I'm a landscape photographer who specializes in North American landscapes, as well as insects and floral.

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