Modern Photography

Is anyone else like me? Have self doubts about everything I do? In particular my photography. Maybe I’m too old school now a days (boy I am sounding old) but I’m not into the whole stitching together 2 separate photographs to create 1 or using HDR software to create an un-realistic looking landscape. And there are a lot of photographs out there like that. I’m not trying to be judgmental and some of them I really like and slightly envy because they are talented with a computer. Maybe I would have more photographs published if I used this technique. However, I don’t have the patience to sit behind a computer for that long. And maybe for those photographers it wouldn’t take that long to create those photographs, but not for me. I would probably take hours.

I know today the computer is the digital equivalent to the darkroom. But for my own personal view I would rather get the exposure and photograph correct in the camera than work hours on a computer (I have to anyway because many time I make several hundred photographs at a time). Maybe I’m just lazy. Maybe I’d rather be out in the field photographing. Maybe I’m just drunk blogging and rambling on. Maybe I’m a frustrated (well I know I am, aren’t artists supposed to be frustrated).SP-PA-D-1370

Published by crookedcreekphotosllc

I'm a landscape photographer who specializes in North American landscapes, as well as insects and floral.

2 thoughts on “Modern Photography

  1. Your images are great and I understand your frustration. Remember that new techniques in photography are just like new tools in the toolbox -try them if you like them use them- if not refer back to what you know and allow the process of making images guide you. I know if I don’t challenge myself my images become old and cold to myself. You have a great foundation of knowledge and skill, don’t be afraid to move in a new direction with what you know! You can always return to your foundation.

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