Alaska-Day 1

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for a while. My family and I recently went on a trip to Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. What a beautiful place!

Each one of these entries includes photographs created the day I have marked. For example the photographs you see on this entry were photograph on day 1 of our trip. Now on some days I didn’t take many because, like the weather everywhere else, the weather in Alaska is extremely unpredictable.

Now with the introduction complete, let’s begin this delayed travel log.

Day 1. About every three years my family and I take a “big” vacation, meaning places, usually out west, that we haven’t seen before. This year was the ultimate “big” trip. Alaska. We decided to visit the Kenai Peninsula because everyone seems to visit Denali. It was dry (Alaska is also experiencing drought conditions) and part of a Recreational Area known as Skilak Lake was closed due to fire.

The flight was, well for us, long. We flew from Columbus (OH) airport to Chicago O’Hare, to Seattle, then onto Anchorage. We then drove from Anchorage down the beautiful Seward Highway to a stopping point called Moose Pass, then we stayed at a local lodge called Trail Lake Lodge. The next morning, we took off for the city of Seward. That morning when I woke up I decided to go outside and photograph the lake behind the lodge, Trail Lake. When we reached Seward we hiked a small trail to Lowell Point. Here are some of the photographs I made.AK-D-1000 AK-D-1011 AK-D-1032 AK-D-1095 AK-D-1096 AK-D-1097

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