A Question of Religion

I recently saw, on a social media sight, an interaction between some family members about religion, culture and our government. These are all subjects my deceased grandfather told me to avoid in any type of conversation. And while I never liked him much, I have to agree with him, somewhat. The conversation I saw was civil, but overtime someone discusses their political and religious views I become uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because the area of the country I reside in, the two subjects seemed to be intertwined.

I grew up in a non-religious home. That’s not to say if I had a question, for example trying to understand the differences Jewish faith versus the Christian faith, that my mom tried to give me an explanation. I just wanted to understand. I know she did her best and I think did she did get much of it right (at least the basics). Years later she would apologize that she never had us attend church of any Christian denomination. I told her that, at least for me, it kept my mind open to all religions. Some I wish I understood more than others, which I definitely will not discuss here.

But I guess I’m more like the conservationist John Muir. He believed in order to get closer to God you needed to be in nature. Every time I see a mountain, wildlife, a simple flower I feel God’s or some type of higher power presence. Maybe that sounds a little hippy-dippy but if you were to hike to Bierstadt Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, see Humpback Whales hunting in Alaskan Waters, or just a tiny little ground squirrel eating an apple in you backyard you’d understand what I’m talking about. Nature is God and God is nature. It is quite simply extraordinary.

Published by crookedcreekphotosllc

I'm a landscape photographer who specializes in North American landscapes, as well as insects and floral.

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