No Love for Ohio

I’m a Buckeye tried and true. I’ve lived in Ohio all my life. Most people know of someone, whether a relative or friend, from Ohio. We have the Football Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we’re the birthplace of flight (although North Carolina would dispute that fact). Many astronauts and presidents came from Ohio (although the latter there were many questionable characters). We’re also known as part of the rust belt (maybe the belt buckle). What we’re not known for is our natural beauty. I can tell you, everyone is wrong. Sure were not obviously beautiful, not like say, Colorado, but if you look in deeper, you’ll find a beautiful landscape. In between the large metropolitan areas, is farmland, meadows, waterfalls, lakes and rivers. Yes, I didn’t mention mountains, but we do have caves and some cliffs too. Below you’ll find some photo’s I’ve made over the years that show examples of the beauty only found in Ohio.

Published by crookedcreekphotosllc

I'm a landscape photographer who specializes in North American landscapes, as well as insects and floral.

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